Puffed Puries

Just made these puries (poories, poorees) a while ago. These puries taste delicious eaten by themselves, or with gravied vegetables or meat. In India these are usually prepared on festive occasions to be eaten with sweet dishes such as shrikhand (sweetened whipped cream cheese) or aamras (fresh squeezed mango juice).
Take two cupfuls of whole wheat flour.
Add a pinch of salt to the dough for a subtle salty taste.
Knead with water and 2 tsps hot oil to form a stiff firm dough.
Pluck small balls (size of Indian lemon or cherry tomato) off the dough.
Roll into rounds on a lightly floured board.
Then gently ease each puri into hot oil and deep fry.
Remove on to a kitchen paper to drain excess oil.

Note: DO NOT use olive or mustard oil or any other oil with a strong flavor to fry the puries. Use refined oil, or any tasteless oil.

Tip: Serve hot puries with pat of butter and marmelade or fruit preserve. Make for filling breakfast or brunch food.

Sing. Puri ['pu' as in put + 'ri' as in reed]


  1. wow...those look apetitising. would love to find an indian festival in my place to try them. wish me a luck =)

  2. Anonymous13/4/11

    yum! Next time I cook an Indian meal I might attempt them. You make them look so easy. And there are no difficult ingredients to source (I live in France, not exactly the home of Indian cuisine).