Indian Basil (Tulsi) Lemonade

My Tulsi (Indian Basil) plant has grown rather well. In fact it needed pruning. The leaves and even the stem have juice with medicinal value. Throwing it away is wasteful. So instead of just chewing on a bunch of leaves like sheep, I decided to try something different.

Here is the recipe of lemonade, full of goodness of basil. It has that heavenly cool taste of.. camphor?
Tulsi (Indian Basil)
Black salt

Wash and boil Tulsi leaves in water. Cool and strain. You can store this infusion in the refrigerator for a few days.

To make a refreshing drink:
Pour some of the tulsi water in a glass.
Add a pinch of the salt, lemon juice and a little honey.
Top up with cold water and mix well. Crush a few mint leaves and add those.
Pop in an icecube if you wish, and it's ready.

You can use ordinary salt or any other varieties locally available.
In cold weather, you can make a hot drink, and also add the following:
-Half a crushed peppercorn
-Ginger juice

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