Divey are made in Marathi households on Amavasya or No-moon day of Ashaadh month. In the olden days they might have been lighting a few of them like lamps; ergo the name 'divey'. Nowadays we just make them because they taste delicious!

It's a simple steamed dish made from wheat atta, jaggery, and a little salt kneaded to stiff dough. Shaped into cups and steamed for 10-15 minutes in a steamer. Once done, filled with desi ghee and eaten.

The base raw material changes depending upon the region.. in Khandesh/Jalgaon side they use Bajra flour to make them.


Easy Mango Ice cream

Take equal parts of the following: fresh squeezed Alphonso mango pulp, cream, milk and milk powder. You can use a cup for measuring.

Blend all well and refrigerate.
After about an hour remove from the fridge and blend again. Refrigerate.


A quick vegetable soup

Friend needed a recipe for a vegetable soup,so here goes. This is a delicious soup with chunky veggie pieces that you can eat. Healthy and works well as a full meal for dinner.

How to: 
Chop cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, in whatever shape and size you prefer. 
Add water and boil till veggies are cooked but not mushy. 
Add some mashed boiled potato to thicken soup. 
Add cooked sweet corn and peas if you have them. 
Add some crushed garlic and black pepper, salt and sugar to taste. 

Your soup is ready to eat.

Note: You can add a little milk to the soup or grated cheese on top to make it richer. I also love it with a squeeze of fresh lemon!