5 flavorful options to replace after-dinner mints

A heavy meal replete with spices and fried foodstuff is bound to leave the palate and the tummy yearning for some digestive aid and a freshening taste.

Think about these options in mouth fresheners before resorting to the chewing gum or coolmints.
1) Fennel / saunf  – The seeds are chewed raw. They can also be eaten roasted and salted or candied. Aid in digestion and act as a mild diuretic.
2) Carom / ajwain/ owaa – a spice whose seeds are to be chewed raw or lightly roasted. Help in relieving flatulence.  (Incidentally, the leaves of this plant are used in a delicious preparation. More on that in a different post). 
3) Mint / Pudina – chewing on fresh leaves is a good idea.
Leaves can be lightly crushed and added to lemonade for a unique flavor.
4) Tulsi / Indian Basil – a plant with religious association; Wash the leaves before chewing. Several medicinal properties, apart from cleansing the palate.
5) Paan / Betel leaves – no Indian feast is complete without this betel leaf creation. Made of raw betel leaves, a varied mixture of betel nut shavings, smeared with lime paste (chunaa), fennel seeds, scraped fresh coconut, and other assorted spices.
Then again, you can pop a few cardamom seeds or a clove to obtain a similar result. 

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