How to make an Omelette

For anyone who's never been near a frying pan and uses the kitchen implements for carpentry work, this recipe should be mighty useful.

Take 2 eggs.

Take a deep breath.

Break each egg over a bowl and drop the contents into it.

Throw the shells away. Or turn them into fertilizer for your plants.

Chop one green chilli into itsy bitsy pieces.

Do the same for a small onion, tomato and capsicum.

Beat the eggs with a whisk / spoon / egg-beater for say 2 minutes.

Add a dash of salt, the green chilli, tomato and onion bits and mix.

Put a heavy bottomed pan or nonstick pan on the hob. Heat a little oil / ghee in it.

Once hot, pour this egg mixture into the pan so it spreads. Aim for a circular shape.

After a few minutes, the mixture in the pan will solidify and sizzle.

Flip it with a spatula. Let the other side also cook if you like it well-cooked.

Flip it into a plate.

Lo and behold, your omelette is ready!

There are other variations to this theme. This is one method.


Add a little milk to the egg while beating, to make a fluffy omelette.

- If you are wondering how to break an egg, you can tap it around the milddle with the edge of a spoon, so the shell splits more neatly into 2 halves.

© Alaka


  1. Anonymous7/4/07

    Ever tried using a sandwich maker instead of the pan.... sure you get nice , rectangular and fluffy oms......

  2. Having made myself an omelette this morning, it was a real pleasure to read your post on how to make one. Your blog is turning out to be quite good - informative and delightful. Already told some friends to check. :)))

  3. Hehe, great recipe! Your blog needs pictures of the dishes!
    Would make me even more hungry ;)

  4. Great food blog, P.S,,wash down with a good cup of Java.

  5. Thomas, have already acted upon your suggestion..