Stuffed Chillies

Ask any Indian to think ‘hot’ and chillies will find a place right next to Bipasha Basu and Gisele Bundchen! Chillies and monsoon contrast rather well. India grows a variety of chillies – plump, thin, hot, sweet and spicy. You can make chutneys, pakodas, dried stuffed chillies, add diced chillies to various preparations.

Then there is stuffed chillies, cooked and eaten as accompaniment to rice or chapati. Here’s how to make it.

Total preparation time – 30 minutes; Serves 2

Take 6 of the kind of chillies shown in the photo. These are not pungent.
Slit each lengthwise.

For the filling:
Besan flour – 1-1.5 cup; turmeric powder ½ tsp; red chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Roast the above for a few minutes in a little oil. Let it cool.
To above add the following:
Groundnut ½ cup crushed coarsely
Sugar 1 tsp or a powdered/ crushed gur; ¼ lemon squeezed or 2 tsp tamarind pulp; salt to taste

Mix well. Stuff the chillies with the above mixture.

In a shallow frying pan, pour a little oil. Place the stuffed chillies and cover with lid. Cook on low heat for a few minutes till the chillies are cooked. Remove lid, turn the chillies and let them roast on all sides. Turn off heat. Let cool before eating.

Note: You may wish to change the proportion of spices mentioned above according to your taste. 


  1. In Malaysia, the popular stuffing for the chillies will be fish paste (minced or finely chopped fish fillet) and then deep fried before being eaten 'dry' on its own or with suitable sauce, gravy or soup accordingly to individual taste.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 161208
    Tue. 16th Dec. 2008.

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