Celebrate this Holi with Dry Fruit Kulfi

Traditionally Maharashtrians celebrate Holi with a festive lunch whose piéce de resistance is Puran Poli, a delicious bread made with refined wheat flour, stuffed with boiled jaggery and Chana dal and roasted on a girdle.
This poli is eaten hot with dollops of ghee (clarified butter) or cold with milk. However it is not as easy to make as it sounds; one needs to actually watch it being prepared to get an idea. And later plenty of practice making it!


With the mercury touching more than 35 degrees Celsius at places, Dry Fruit Kulfi seems an attractive option this Holi. It is easy to make and needs 2.5 to 3 hours of refrigation.


Equal measure of milk, cream, milk powder, dry fruit of your choice, sugar as per taste. So if you take one cup of milk, every other ingredient would be one cup each. 

A pinch of saffron.



Mix the milk, milk powder, cream in a bowl. Add sugar as per taste. Whizz once with a hand-mixer. Pour in a plastic dish. Add the chopped dry fruit and saffron.

Stir once. Set the refrigator on 'high' half an hour before putting in the Kulfi mixture. Put in the deep freeze. Chill for 2.5 hours.



For dry fruit, you can add pistachios, dried fig (anjeer) pieces, soaked and peel almonds and cashewnuts.


Dried fruits can also be substituted with Mango pulp or strawberry crush. If using any of these please keep in mind the sugar already present in these pulps.


Of course, I'm planning to keep the Kulfi for night. For lunch it's Puran Poli!

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