Summer crunchy koshimbir

This delicious looking gazpacho soup reminds me of a koshimbir (kind of salad cum dip) that we make in India. Endowed with a beautiful crunchy texture, it is raw, and like the gazpacho, best relished in summer.

To make this summery salad you need: 
Cucumber (Indian variety with light peel which is to be removed)
Fresh green chillies
All above chopped finely.

Roasted cumin powder – a pinch
Salt – to taste
Sugar – to taste

Mix the entire lot with a spoon.
Keep it for 15 minutes for the juices to flow and mix. Best eaten with chapatti or white rice.

As ‘amancooks’ rightly says you do not have to liquidize everything you eat. To me, that is for invalids and those with no teeth.

FAQ: How many of each of the veggies to use?
That depends on the size of each vegetable, which of them you like most. I go for 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 cucumber, 1/4th of a cauliflower. Coriander and chillies again depend on how much of each you like or can tolerate, how pungent the chillies are, and so on. Cooking is a very subjective thing and a lot of proportions are based on individual tastes. The good part is this is a dish where you can play around with the proportions.

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