koshimbir - the marathi version of salad

In Maharashtrian cooking, we have a range of what is known as koshimbir - these can be loosely termed as salads. Made from fresh vegetables and fruits, they usually have a splash of tadka (described in a previous post). Items like ground paste of seeds or nuts or dessicated coconut are used to add consistency and bring the items together.    
The koshimbir is a side dish and can be eaten as accompaniment to chapati, roti or rice. Here's a quick one

Guava koshimbir

Chop ripe green guavas into small pieces.
Add them to well whipped curds.
Add salt and sugar to taste.

Your salad is ready! The adventurous ones could add pepper or chilli powder to taste.  

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  1. A nice one...
    quick and easy....
    why don't you start a section called quick recipees for single and self-cooking men like me?