Indian Fruit Fusion

Here's my favorite fruit recipe for winter. Can be served as dessert or eaten with chapati, roti or puri. The beauty of this recipe is there is no specific proportion in which the fruits are to be taken. Curds should be sufficient to cover the fruits.  



Take any of the following fruits-

Apples, bananas, chikoo, guava - diced

oranges, sweet limes – peel off the thin skin off the individual slices and then halve each slice.

Pomegranate peeled

Green seedless grapes – you can halve these

Raisins, sultanas – soaked in water for 15 minutes

Almonds, cashewnuts, walnut – chopped


In a bowl add thick curds. Add sugar to taste. Whip this mixture with a spoon. Add the chopped fruit. Stir to mix.
Refrigerate till cold.

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