cabbage salad

Kobi is Marathi for cabbage, called as patta gobi in Hindi.
Kobi chi koshimbir is a typical maharashtrian recipe.
Ingredients and method:

Grate cabbage or chop into thin shreds.
Add some soaked moong dal to this.
Squeeze some lemon juice.
Add salt and sugar to taste.
Add chopped coriander.
Make the normal tadka to which you add chopped green chillies.
Pour this tadka over all the above and mix well.

You can vary the proportion of the moong dal to cabbage as per your taste. I prefer a sprinkling of dal only. 

Grated carrot can be added to above. 
Tastes good with chapati or eaten as a side dish.

Note: For tadka preparation, pl. check my earlier post on the same.

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  1. Ravi1/2/08

    good recipe, how often do you make it? sounds extremely simple to make