baby potatoes in yoghurt gravy

Potatoes are my Achilles heel,  especially if they have come in contact with hot oil. This dish made from the ubiquitous spud manages to combine divine taste with very little oil. 

For it, I looked up a few recipes that popped up on googling, and then did my own thing. 


Parboiled baby potatoes (alternatively use fully boiled potatoes, if that is what you prefer)

For marinade: 
ginger-garlic-green chilli paste 
dash of garam masala 
one teaspoon Kasuri methi 
For tadka: a broken red chilli, Hing(Asafoetida), Cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric powder and oil.

Stab the parboiled potatoes with fork to make holes. 
Mix together all the marinade ingredients and soak the potatoes in the mix for half an hour.
In a kadai/wok, make the tadka. 

Add the coated potatoes. (Keep any extra marinade aside.)
Cook covered, on slow heat till potatoes are cooked from inside. 
Add the remaining marinade and cook for a minute or two.
Serve warm with rotis or rice.

Note: If you're interested in tadka and how to make it, read more here.

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  1. Wow a superb and delicious recipe. I wish I could have it now but unfortunately m on diet. Very nice recipe. thank u for the share.