A good place for mix fruit shake

Darshan is a small unpretentious restaurant tucked away on the still leafy Prabhat Road in Pune. If you are tired of the idli-dosa-uttappa routine of an udupi joint, then try this place. Some of the popular dishes are the Vegetable Patties- vegetables encased in mashed potato and deep fried,  Chana Bhatura, Ragda Patties with tamarind and date chutney.
My all-time favorite is the Mix Fruit Shake. Some analysis reveals it to be a blend of bananas, chikkoos, mango pulp, and milk. Could contain a bit of sitaphal too. This is no ordinary shake to be drunk, but comes with a spoon as seen in the picture. You eat the smooth as silk concoction spoonful by heavenly spoonful. To top it all, the prices are reasonable, the cutlery clean and sparkling. Space is a wee bit tight though, as they have very few indoor tables, and the outdoors seating is open only in the evenings.  But all considered value for money and certainly worth a visit.

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