The restaurant at Empress Garden

Empress Garden is one of those old picturesque gardens in Pune with beautiful shady trees.
Take a meandering path from the nursery and you come to rest at a quiet nook.
This is where you can also find some grub at the only cafe for some miles around. According to its owner Mr.Bedi, this place was closed for a few months but had reopened only this week. Lucky me!

The omelette sandwich I ordered was hot, spicy and worth the 30 rupees. The tea was perfect - not too sweet and piping hot. Apart from sandwiches of different kinds they also serve buns, biscuits, cold drinks and a few other packed snacks.

A must visit if you want a leisurely snack amidst fresh air, greenery and the trill of birds for company.


  1. Empress Garden of the best attraction place in Pune. The Garden is also known as the Soldier's Garden and is quite popular amongst the people of the city as a picnic spot. The land where the garden today stands was initially the property of a man known as Sardar Vithalrao Purandhare. pune tourism

  2. yes this place is really awesome brings back old memories

  3. yes this place is really awesome and brings back old memories when i was a kid