Fruits & Udupi

Am just back from a wonderful trip to jungles of Karnataka.

This fruit stall was in a vegetable market at Udupi, a small town. The owner saw my camera and was insistent that I photograph his stall.
Jackfruit and bananas are a staple out here. The bananas are small but very sweet.
For those not in the know, jackfruit is a huge green fruit with a tough, prickly rind. It turns yellow on ripening. Inside are seeds encased in thick fleshy covers. These fleshy covers are sweet to taste and are eaten. The seed is boiled and cooked as vegetable or eaten with a little salt. A vegetable is also prepared from the raw jackfruit after removing its skin.

The fruit emits a very strong smell and may need getting used to.

Sringeri (a town of religious significance) had some shops selling great-tasting banana and jackfruit chips.

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  1. I am a new lover of jackfruit. I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada called Mai Vi (it was wonderful)...and we had a drink made with jackfruit...What a pleasantly amazing surprise! Try it y'all!

    Kimberly Edwards :D