Tea and good mornings

What topic should I inaugurate this blog with? That was the million dollar question on my mind as I woke up early morning. A few cups of tea later, I have the answer.

Let's talk of tea.

Tea reminds me of physics. As studied in school. It's got something to do with the boiling point of water. A technically correct teacher told us how any impurity added to water raised the boiling point. Ergo, more time (and gas) to make tea if sugar was added to the water right at the start. One courageous student (steeped in tea and tradition) raised his hand, "Ma'am but if we make tea scientifically, the taste will be lost!"

So what is the right way to make tea? Well, it depends on the drinker.

Boiled with milk and sugar it becomes the ubiquitous chai. Even the thickness of milk, where is cow's or buffalo's, can alter the taste. Then there are those who disdain the chai for the more elegant looking black tea with lemon slice.

Kashmiri tea comes with salt and almonds. It takes getting used to the Tibetan beverage prepared with butter. A flavorful masala chai would be boiled with cardamom (elaichi) and cinnamon (dalchini). And who can resist chucking in a piece of freshly crushed ginger or its powdered version, saunth, for a heavenly cuppa on chilly winter mornings?

I have not yet touched on the topic of tea leaves. For that I'm planning a trip to Darjeeling soon.
For the moment, let me enjoy the feel of warm porcelain mug and hot sweetened milky tea.

© Alaka

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