a lazy morning snack

Early mornings are for enjoying the freshness in the air, walk on dewy grass, listen to birdsong . So I'm impatient when it comes to breakfasts.

Here's a recipe for a quick breakfast. You can pick up the eggs and bread on your morning walk.

Egg Drop

Put a thick bottomed pan with a little oil / butter, on the gas hob.

Take an egg.

Once the oil heats, break the egg over the pan and chuck in all its contents.

Let it fry slowly till yoke is half cooked.

Flip it with spatula to cook the other side.

When the white gets golden, remove from fire.

Put on a plate.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper.


- If you want a well cooked yoke, you can poke the yoke and let the liquid spread out while cooking.
- Don't skimp on the oil else the egg will burn and impart an unpleasant taste.

- Can be made into a sandwich by slapping it between slices of bread.

© Alaka


  1. Shabbir29/3/07

    Hi Alaka,
    Suggestion for your "Egg Drop": instead of oil use Govind ghee or any other ghee made from cow's milk - trust me, the egg will taste a lot better and more wholesome ;-)I know because I make it like this all the time for my breakfast and my Dad and wife love it as well.
    Enjoy !

  2. that's a great suggestion Shabbir! in fact you've triggered my next post on ghee preparation :)